Man Spots Stray Dog Running Around Dollar General Store and Makes Life-Changing Decision

Recently, Ray went shopping at his local Dollar General when he spotted a small dog running down the aisles. The little dog was very friendly and Ray found out from the staff she just strolled into the store. He went over to the dog and she was jumping and so happy and excited. He learned that the manager had called animal control so Ray put her in a shopping cart until they could come. But they gave the store a call back a short time later and told Ray they couldn’t make it that day and asked if he could take care of the pup until they came by the next day.

Ray immediately agreed and took “Dolly” home. They hung out and relaxed and when Dolly crawled up onto his shoulder and let out a sigh he knew right then that he wanted to keep her. He told himself, “Aw that’s it. You’re mine.”

The next day animal control came to take Dolly but Ray was heartbroken when he learned that they had to hold onto Dolly until she was processed. Sadly, what was supposed to be only a few days turned into weeks as Dolly got stuck in the system.

The shelter had just taken in over one hundred dogs from a hoarding case and there was only one veterinarian to spay/neuter all the animals in the area. Dolly got stuck in the system but Ray tried to visit her as often as he could. He could tell she was getting sadder and sadder the longer she had to wait. Then, on one of his visits, Ray was told he could take Dolly home!

To say Dolly is happy now is an understatement! She is just so happy to have found a dad in Ray and so happy to be home. Ray now spends as much time as possible with her. And that includes visiting the Dollar General where they first met.

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