Man and Dog Make it to Safety Moments Before Tornado Hits Home in New Jersey Town

A New Jersey man captured on video the harrowing moments when he realized a tornado was headed right towards his home in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. Mark and his dog got to the basement just in time to escape the tornado that destroyed their house.

It was around 6pm when Mark began filming the storm gathering outside his home. It’s not immediately evident it’s a tornado But the winds pick up, the rain gets heavier and the dark clouds move closer before Mark realizes it is time to flee to the basement with his dog.

A few terrifying minutes follow and when Mark goes back upstairs it is more than clear that a tornado has just hit his home and the homes of neighbors.

Multiple homes were destroyed after the tornado touched down in Mullica Hill on September 1, 2021. The tornado was determined to be an EF-3 with max winds of 150 mph and was the result of the remnants of Hurricane Ida.

Some homes were completely destroyed and others badly damaged. Thankfully no one lost their life. The tornado carved a path of destruction for 12.6 miles before it dissipated.

“Our community is destroyed. In five seconds. That is all it took,” said Ashely Thomas, a teacher who is eight months pregnant and who managed to flee to the basement in time. “We are so lucky,” she told WPVI News.

Thankfully Mark and his dog are safe, but their house is now condemned due to the damage.

One viewer who watched Mark’s video wrote: “I’m glad they both survived. Word of advice from someone who grew up in tornado country, if you see the leaves on the trees suddenly show the light undersides, you have a few seconds, to a minutes time before you will be hit by the storm. Personal experience here.”

Others backed up her advice saying inverted leaves are a good indication of a tornado about to hit.

“I live in southern Indiana…I was always told when maple tree leaves turn over there’s a storm coming,” responded another viewer.

And another added, “Yes. Barometric pressure, wind shears and it’s a warning to the old pros to take shelter.”

Here’s a video of some of the damage done to homes in Mullica Hill.

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