Mama Dog is So Tired Out By Her Puppies, Her Foster Dad Carries Her to Bed Every Night

Thom and Alicia wanted to help their local animal rescue with fostering a dog but those plans soon turned into fostering a mama dog and her 8 newborn puppies!

They had heard about Cholula, a very pregnant Pit bull who was ready to give birth any day. Cholula had been pulled from a city shelter and brought to the Wallis Annenberg PetSpace. When she did finally give birth, Thom and Alicia brought her and her pups home to care for them.

Cholula turned out to be much shyer than they had expected. But she settled into the nursery they had set up for her and she got busy feeding her puppies 24/7.

Caring for all the puppies turned out to be a full time job for all the adults in the house and was exhausting for everyone. In fact, Cholula was so exhausted that Thom would have to carry her to bed every night!

Five weeks later, Cholula could finally stop nursing and enjoy playing with her puppies and Thom and Alicia’s dog, Ruby! And shortly after that, Cholula and her pups were ready to go home with their forever families! Thom says it never gets easier to say goodbye, but he just can’t wait to do it again.

And here’s a glam photo of Cholula prior to her adoption, just because she’s so beautiful.

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