Mama Dog Gives Birth In The Mud Is Rescued By Good Samaritan Just Hours Later

A mama dog covered in mud from head to toe was found just hours after giving birth to puppies. Her babies were curled up in the mud pit lying by her feet when a Good Samaritan stumbled across them on the streets of Dallas.

Thankfully the kind person who saw the pitiful sight reached out to Saving Hope Rescue who swooped in and picked up the dog family and brought them to safety.

Evelyn, as she was named, was taken to an emergency foster home where the first order of business was to wash and warm all the dogs up.

Saving Hope Rescue

“Mom is extremely sweet and grateful to be saved,” Saving Hope Rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

They showed the family 48 hours later and what a difference!

Evelyn was extremely emaciated but her puppies were all healthy and she was all smiles.

Saving Hope Rescue

The mama settled in to nurse her pups and gain back some much needed weight. She quickly gained back her health in her temporary home and discovered newfound energy, energy a young dog of her age should have.

Saving Hope Rescue

Save Hope Rescue also grew to know more about the sweet mama’s personality. “She loves running around and playing fetch – she gets the cutest zoomies,” they described. “She absolutely adores children and keeps a watchful eye on them to make sure they are safe.” They added that Evelyn also loves other dogs and that “this mama is a total snuggle bug and would be a great fit for most families!”

Saving Hope Rescue

Evelyn’s post caught the eye of mama Amy Jones who adopted Evelyn shortly after. Jones provided Save Home Rescue with a lovely pupdate and wrote, “Thought I’d share recent pics of our Kaia girl (fka Evelyn). She’s a hoot! Loves to carry around shoes, tries to steal my daughter’s stuffed animals, and decided to bring a dead squirrel into the house today.”

Saving Hope Rescue

Jones continued, “I also feel like she doesn’t realize how big she is, and tries to be a lap dog. She’s the best and has been a great addition to our family!”

Needless to say, Saving Hope Rescue is thrilled that Kaia has a mama to call her own and is far from her muddy harsh outdoor life. “This is our hope for every dog we rescue,” Saving Hope Rescue wrote on Facebook, “a loving home that will put you in some pj’s.”

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