Mama Dog Found Starving and Cold So Grateful That Her Puppies Are Now Safe

A starving dog who was doing everything in her power to keep her puppies alive spent Christmas finally being cared for.

The two-year-old dog, now named Celeste, was found abandoned and emaciated just before Christmas and brought to the BC SPCA in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

“She was living outdoors and starving, but she was obviously doing everything she could to try to feed her puppies and keep them safe,” Nanaimo BC SPCA Manager Bonnie Pequin said.

“It was heartbreaking. It just gives me chills, it was so sad,” she added.

Thankfully, Celeste and her puppies found a foster home and spent the Christmas holidays with Elaine Nelson-Hosak and her family.

The puppies and mama dog are enjoying snuggles on the couch with the family. Celeste is especially grateful and, according to Elaine, is a “gentle dog who loves being petted and interacting with family members and other animals.”

“I lay on the floor and she comes over and puts her head on me and just looks at me with the most loving and kind eyes,” Elaine said.

Elaine also revealed that she’s received lots of support and offers to help from the friends and family as well as members in the community.

Celeste is no longer nursing her puppies and is getting fed six times a day. She is on a strict feeding routine to avoid the complications that can occur with overfeeding emaciated dogs.

But that hasn’t stopped her from trying to find food on her own, said Elaine.

“She literally opened up our microwave and took the plate out and set it on the floor in search of food. She opened up our freezer, like put up her paw and pulled the door to open up our freezer,” Elaine told Nanaimo News Now. The family has also tied up their fridge and freezer to keep Celeste out.

As heartbreaking as Celeste’s condition is, she is on the mend and makes sure her caregivers know how grateful she is.

“It’s almost like she just appreciates that she’s where she is. She appreciates being loved,” said Elaine.

The family is currently enjoying walks outside in the snow and are getting bigger and healthier every day.

Celeste’s five puppies will be available for adoption through the BC SPCA Nanaimo in the new year.

As for Celeste, Elaine says her family is seriously considering adopting Celeste into their home, despite recently getting a new puppy.

To support the care for Celeste and her puppies, consider a donation to the BC SPCA.

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