Lovebird Sad After Losing His Feathers Encouraged By His Mom To Still Have Fun

Blondie is a featherless lovebird who really loves his dollhouse and being by his mom Isabelle’s side. Blondie started losing his feathers when he was one year old and got very sad because he could no longer fly again.

Isabelle explains Blondie has PBF Disease, which is incurable. Realizing how traumatic it was for Blondie losing his feathers, Isabelle and his family took the time to encourage and engage him to still have fun even without his wings. They tried to bring out that lovely, beautiful side of him.

They even introduced him to a dollhouse, who he now fiercely guards. Happily, Blondie found his happy spirit again. As Isabelle says, his condition doesn’t define him.

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