Lost Puppy Remembers The Way To Vet Clinic And Knocks On Door For Help

A four-month-old puppy who got lost went to the perfect place for help after he found his way to the vet clinic that has taken care of him since he was born. 

The dog named Khiew Ngern went missing from his home in Thailand on Tuesday afternoon. But by evening, the young dog showed up at the door of Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic, in Muang district of Samut Prakan. The dog is seen on a surveillance camera pacing outside the clinic’s glass door, trying to get in.

The clinic’s assistant was busy with clients and initially ignored the dog, but Khiew Ngern barked and pawed at the door, according to the Bangkok Post.

The assistant took a closer look at Khiew Ngern and he looked familiar to her so she let him. When veterinarian Saengduen Chotepanus was finished treating her other animal patients, her assistant asked if she could take a look at Khiew Ngern.

Khiew Ngern recognized the vet and was happy to see her. After checking her records, Dr. Saengduen found Khiew Ngern’s information and his owner’s number.

The vet called the dog’s owner, Sunee Bunwara, who explained her pup had gone missing earlier in the day. She had been searching for him and was very relieved that her dog had been found.

It turns out that Khiew Ngern has been visiting the clinic since he was 1 month old and regularly receives his vaccinations there. Both Sunee Bunwara and Dr. Saengduen believe that Khiew Ngern remembered how to get to the clinic and knew it was a place he could get help. What a clever dog!

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