Little Girl Uses Her Cuteness To Sneak Back Into The Zoo

A little girl turned on the charm to trick a staff member at the Melbourne Zoo in Australia and sneak back in, as seen in an adorable video posted by her mom. Grayson had such a good time on her play date that when it came time to leave because the play center was closing, she didn’t want to go.

Her mom describes: “As I was saying goodbye to our play date I noticed Grayson go back and I can see she was trying to get back in. So I started filming as I wondered what she was going to do…”

Grayson figured out what to do, all right.

Grayson’s mom said it took Grayson all of 30 seconds to get back in “after grabbing the staff member’s hand, walking her away for a few steps, and bolting back in.”

A keen viewer noted that Grayson might have used the trick successfully before, writing, “For the mom to say ‘she’s gonna trick you’ means she’s done it before!”

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