Little Boy Delivering Drink To Mom Hilariously Gives Up

A little boy tasked with carrying a drink over to the table makes a funny decision when he spills some of it at the last second.

In the cute video, a boy can be seen carefully holding a drink as his father opens the door to let him take it over to the table with his mom. But just as he nears the table he looks up and then…

Oops! He must have decided that if there’s a little bit spilled then the whole glass is ruined! The funny clip was posted to reddit and captioned, “My man just gives up.”

One parent took to the popular social media forum and shared, “My son is finally out growing this. but, in his poor little kid mind, as soon as a splash comes out, it’s ‘ruined’ and he needs to just start all over and get it right.”

Another viewer noted, “It’s all or nothing for this guy. He’s trouble, he’s badass. He is kinda dangerous. Watch out!”

And several people noted that the kid is just not a “glass is half full” kind of guy.

Oh well, at least it happened outside and we’re betting there will be a refill in the works!

My man just gave up
by u/Dudezila in funny

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