Little Boy Cries Happy Tears When He Meets His Baby Sister For The First Time

A little brother is overcome with emotion when he gets to meet his new baby sister for the first time! Alison Retelle had her camera ready to film her son’s reaction to getting to hold the newborn, and his reaction had us shedding a tear or two.

Dad can be heard off camera talking to his son. “Isn’t she super cute,” dad asks. His son is literally speechless and smiles in awe. “You can talk to her,” his mom prompts her son. He looks like he’s about to speak but tears of happiness spill down his cheeks.

“She can’t talk back, but she knows what you’re saying,” dad adds.

“You can say whatever you want to her,” mom says.

But their son says nothing, but lets his expression speak for itself – he radiates pure joy as he pulls his baby sister closer.

The video has gone viral and millions of people couldn’t help but admire the special moment.

“What a beautiful moment. I’m sure he’ll grow up to be an amazing brother,” wrote one viewer.

“No words needed. Just unconditional love from your brother,” wrote one commenter on Instagram.

“This is one of the most adorable and perfectly captured moments of a big brother’s emotional connection to his new baby sister,” said another.

What a truly touching moment to have captured on camera and it’s sure one the Retelle family will cherish forever.

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