Leopard Attacks 50 Baboons And Instantly Regrets His Decision

A hungry leopard spotted a troop of baboons and thought he might grab one as an easy meal. But he soon would regret his decision.

Visitors to Kruger National Park in South Africa witnessed the incredible sighting near a popular picnicking spot in the park.

Among them were honeymooners Merve Mersinligil and Viktor Szontagh. They had arrived at Kruger only a few hours earlier for their first visit and safari to the park.

While driving they spotted the leopard walking right next to the road. “I said to my hubby jokingly ‘Maybe we should give the baboons a heads-up about the leopard that we just saw’,” Mersinligil told LatestSightings.com. “I had a good laugh, especially since this was my first time in the African wilderness.”

But moments later the leopard pounced.

Mersinligil continued, “The leopard burst onto the scene, probably thinking it was going to get an easy meal. But this leopard was about to learn a lesson in party-crashing. The female baboons, protective, ran back to guard their young while the male baboons went full-on attack mode. The charge was led by what looked like the dominant male. He jumped the leopard almost like a rugby tackle, biting, hitting, and shouting like there was no tomorrow.”

The baboons swarmed the leopard but the big cat managed to free himself and run off into the bushes.

The incredible moment was filmed by more than one witness.

Ricky da Fonseca said he was surprised by the leopard’s actions: “Given the troop’s size, I thought to myself, there’s no way this leopard will be brave enough! But he surprised me. His curiosity seemed to get the better of him.”

da Fonseca also filmed the dramatic moment.

Mersinligil was amazed the big cat got out alive. “The leopard miraculously managed to escape the baboon attack, with some of the big males hot on its tail. These baboons weren’t playing games! They even stood guard after the dust settled, making sure Mr. Leopard got the memo: ‘You ain’t welcome here, buddy.'”

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