Woman Trying To Stop Dognappers Clings Desperately To Car Hood, Dog Still Missing

Ali Zacarias was enjoying a meal outside a downtown Los Angeles Whole Foods with Onyx, her beloved one-year-old French Bulldog, at her feet when a woman passing by called to Onyx and grabbed Onyx from under the table and ran away. Shocked and stunned, Zacarias thought it was a misunderstanding at first but she saw the woman walk with Onyx to a nearby awaiting car.

In an attempt to stop the thieves from driving off Zacarias stood in front of the car and held out her hands in a stop gesture. Instead, the alleged thieves drove into her and Zackarias fell onto the hood of the car and clung onto the windshield wipers for a terrifying ride which a bystander caught on camera.

The bystander video footage revealed the white white KIA Forte four-door sedan’s license plate had been mostly covered. Harrison Pessy, who shot the video, told the Los Angeles Times that he was heading home and heard “the screeching of the car and screaming.”

He said that the vehicle’s driver “had slammed on the brakes and was literally trying to throw [Zacharias] off the car.”

Zacarias thought she was going to die but she miraculously survived without serious injuries after she fell off the hood two blocks later. But Onyx has yet to be recovered since he was stolen on January 18th. She told news outlets that she is thankful the video was taken as she doesn’t think people would have as easily believed her story and she has also received an outpouring of support from people trying to help her get Onyx back.

French Bulldog stolen, owner clings to car

Zacarias is offering a reward leading to the safe return of Onyx but she also is pleading with the dognappers to sell Onyx back to her saying she’s not looking to press charges she just wants her dog back.

Sadly, Onyx is one of a growing number of French Bulldogs stolen for resale on the black market. The breed has become so popular in the United States that they are targeted by dognappers who are stealing the dogs in increasing numbers. Onyx has distinctive features. He has one green and one blue eye and a merle-colored coat.

Zacarias described the three women and man in the car as heavy set African Americans and looking like they were in their twenties. The Los Angeles Police Department also has released a bulletin of two suspects.

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