Rescued Kitten Wants To Do Everything His Husky Brother Does

Josh found Henry the kitten in the bushes while at work and decided to rescue him and bring him home. He wasn’t sure how Henry would react to his Husky, Miles. Nor was he sure how Miles would react to the cat. But Miles immediately began to lie down next to Henry and groom him. In return, Henry began to purr and follow Miles around. Soon, the little kitten was glued to Miles’ side and began to act a lot like a dog!

“I think he has no idea he’s a cat,” says Josh in the video. “He plays fetch better than Miles.” Henry has also taken up chewing Miles’ bones!

Seeing how well Henry got along with dogs, Josh decided to bring home a puppy named Aayla. Henry was instantly curious and it only took a few days for the two to love each other. Henry now is like a big brother to Aayla. As strange as it seems, Josh points out that Aayla is a puppy raised by a cat who thinks he’s a dog!

It’s a strange but delightful outcome but Josh couldn’t be happier. Commenting as @miles_the_red_husky, He writes, “So proud of my kids. For those wondering, they have only gotten closer as friends. Aayla is now 40lbs and her and Henry play the exact same.”

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