Man Turns Seven IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Into Awesome Platform Bed

Anyone who shops at IKEA knows you assemble the furniture yourself, but not many people assemble multiple pieces together to create their own furniture designs. Chris decided to make a very cool platform bed with lots of storage space by putting together 7 standard IKEA kitchen cabinets. It’s a perfect solution for anyone with limited closet space or attic space and it can be put it together in six hours!

Chris says the entire setup cost roughly $500, including cabinets (Chris picked SEKTION cabinets), lumber and paneling, carpet and knobs.

“One minor detail that I omitted from the video: I installed four plastic furniture glides under every cabinet (one in each corner) to keep them off the floor by approximately 1/4″,” says Chris. “These will prevent the cabinets from scratching the floor, and prevent the doors from rubbing on the floor. If you have carpeting, you may need to build up the cabinets even higher to prevent the doors from rubbing on the carpet.”

Chris tested the bed with three full-size adults and two dogs to be sure it had enough weight capacity and checked that the “steps” could handle the weight too. I think the finished DIY design looks very clean and modern and looks like a pretty good space-saver!

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