Kid Hilariously Uses Smart Doorbell To Ask ‘Emergency’ Question When Dad Not Home

Kids find unique ways to use technology that they grow up with – using it in ways most adults would never think of. And many times the way in which they use the tech tools are as heartwarming as they are funny.

In this particular instance, “Baby Gracie” amuses his dad when he uses his smart doorbell to ask his dad a very important question.

The boy and his mom had been visiting the next door neighbor’s house when “Baby Gracie” said he wanted to go home. Mom allowed it but said he should go home and watch the kid’s channel on TV and that she would be home shortly.

But the little boy forgot what channel the kid’s channel is on. Rather than run back over to the neighbor’s house to ask mom, he decided to ask dad instead, via the family’s Ring doorbell device.

As soon as he steps on the front porch the device’s motion detector alerted his dad that there was someone at the front door.

Baby Gracie” peers into the camera and shouts “Dad? Dad!”

When is dad responds he’s delighted and tells his dad that he loves him.

“How’s it going, man?” his dad answers.

“How do you turn on the kids channel? In the house. Do you know Dad?”

Dad gives him the instructions and adds that he thinks the station is on channel 25.

Baby Gracie responds, “I don’t know what channel 25 looks like!”

Laughing, dad tells his son to push “two and the five” on the remote. After thanking his dad for the help he tells him he’ll give him a kiss goodbye. It’s a hilariously sweet moment between father and son.

How kids interact with technology can be such fertile ground for humor. In this particular instance, “Baby Gracie” not only amused his loved ones, but has entertained millions of viewers too.

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