Kevin Smith Gives Touching Tribute To His Dog Of Nearly Two Decades After She Passes Away

Kevin Smith is mourning the passing of his dog Shecky. For nearly two decades Shecky was a beloved companion and frequent costar in Smith’s movies, podcasts and shows.

He announced the news on Instagram and opened by writing that this was “an obituary I was hoping to never have to write.”

“My beloved best friend and faithful canine companion, the sensational Shecky, passed away quietly in her sleep last week,” he began. “It is the most devastating loss I’ve experienced since the death of my Dad (20 years ago this June), because Shecky was a phenomenal fixture on the landscape of my life for nearly 2 decades. For over a third of my 52 years, her plucky personality permeated my existence and my work.”

The senior Dachshund passed away peacefully in her sleep.

In Smith’s moving tribute he shared photos of Shecky and spoke of her numerous cameos and appearances in his work projects.

“Anyone who’s been listening to my podcasts since 2007 knew the Sheckster’s voice, as she was the undeniable unofficial third party in SModcast, Plus One, Fat Man on Batman, Edumacation, or any show I ever recorded at home. In filmed entertainment, Shecky was kind enough to cameo in Tusk, @YogaHosers, @jayandsilentbob Reboot, Son-in-Lockdown and more.”

He also added that she even had a song written about her. “The great @stephengris even immortalized her in the closing credit song from Reboot,” he added, ” ‘Shecky Don’t Like It.’ ”

Despite her presence in his films and podcasts, Smith went on to share that Shecky had more of an impact on him personally.

“But it was in my personal life where Shecky featured most prominently. As the Robin to my Batman (or vice versa in her mind), Shecky accompanied me on many adventures and countless walks. Even in her advanced age, she showed no signs of slowing down and no hints of being sick at all: she simply went to sleep Tuesday night and didn’t wake up Wednesday morning.”

He revealed that he wasn’t with her when she died as he was away taking care of his mother, who has been hospitalized for the past month. When his family told him he was devastated.

“Upon learning of the loss, I was inconsolable and beyond devastated – until I realized Sheck imparted an important final life lesson with her departure: No Day is Promised. So never take anyone you love (or even like) for granted, Kids: they may not be there when you get home.”

He added that Shecky’s love was that of a family member’s.

“With the exception of my Mom, my wife, and my kid, nobody will ever love me more than this tiny titan adored me. And I assure you, the feeling was mutual. For the rest of my days, there will always be a miniature dachshund-sized hole in my heart that will never be filled. Losing my best friend and little Baby Dog has wrecked me – but I was lucky to have known her at all.”

He later shared a cute video of Shecky on Instagram and wrote, “I didn’t own her. She owned me. I miss you, my little Baby Dog. Love forever, The Man.”

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