29 Beautiful Photos That Capture The Lives Of Dogs Around The World

Every year, the UK’s largest organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the health and welfare of dogs holds a contest to find the best photographs of dogs from around the world. The Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year Contest is open to professionals and amateurs of all ages from all around the world.

Here are the best photos from 2014’s entries and these amazing images are sure to make you fall in love with dogs all over again. And if you love them, check out the photos from 2015 and photos from 2017.

Category: Man’s Best Friend

3rd Place: Dog Sitting With A Street Vendor by Denis Buchel from Bulgaria

Kennel Club Man's best friend category 3rd place

2nd Place: Miniature Dachshund Walking In The Lake District by Emma Williams from UK

Kennel Club Man's best friend category 2nd place

1st Place WINNER: Photographer’s Wife Cuddling With Border Collie by Carlos Aliperti from Brazil

Winner. Man's best friend category

Category: Puppies

3rd Place: Moment Between Mom And New Born by Diana Anderson from Australia


2nd Place: Border Terrier Puppy by Richard Ware from UK


1st Place WINNER: Great Dane Puppy by Cat Race from UK

Winner. First Place puppy Category

Category: I Love Dogs Because (Under 18)

3rd Place: Rhodesian Ridgeback by Chris Faulkner from UK


2nd Place: Jack Russell Parsons by Rebecca Lane from UK


1st Place WINNER: Airedale Terrier Staring At Sausage by Abbie Lee from UK

Winner. First place in the I love my Dog because.. Category (Under 18)

Category: Dogs At Play

3rd Place: Blue Whippet Doing Zoomies by Kerry Jordan from UK


2nd Place: Labrador In A Field Of Corn by Simon White from UK


1st Place WINNER: Dogs Playing Ball by Art Burasz from UK

Winner. First Place in the Dogs at play category

Category: Dog Portrait

3rd Place: Working Cocker Spaniel by Dean Oseman from UK


2nd Place: Great Dane Asleep On Sofa by Alice Loder from UK


1st Place WINNER: Dog Lost In Thought by Grzegorz Gebik from Poland

Winner. First Place in the portrait catagory

Category: Special Mention

Border Collie Rolling Round In The Grass by Jennifer Ballerino from UK


Dalmatian Underwater by Rodrigo Alvarado from Australia


Retired Greyhound Playing On The Beach by Alexandra Robins from UK


Ruby, A Bordeaux Mastiff, Snuggling With Grandma by Emily Canham from UK


Long-Haired Dachshund Portrait by Adam Jackman-Moore from Australia


Miniature Pincher by Matthew Sablan from USA


Young Girl And Therapy Dog by Kelly Miller from Australia


Dog Ready For Business by Jura Cullen from the Isle Of Man


Category: Assistance Dogs And Dog Charities

3rd Place: Special Moment by Ffiona Erskine from Australia


2nd Place: English Springer Spaniel by Caroline Bridges UK


1st Place WINNER: Assistance Dog Taking A Break From Duties by Ruud Lauritsen from the Netherlands

Winner. First place Assistance Dogs / Dog Charitys Category

Category: Dogs at Work

3rd Place: Husky Dogs In The Snow by Karsten Bidstrup from Denmark


2nd Place: Sniffing by Aleksandra Kaczor from Poland


1st Place WINNER: Sheep Dog At Work by Steph Gibson from Australia

Stock Dog Western Australia

These photos were published on Reshareworthy.com with permission from the Kennel Club UK. To find out more about this annual contest and the work the club does visit the Kennel Club UK website.

Share these wonderful award-winning photographs with your friends and family! And if you love them, check out the photos from 2015 and photos from 2017.

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