Company Developing Community Car For People Who Use Wheelchairs

Stacy Zoern wasn’t going to let her disability stop her from launching a unique car company. Kenguru (pronounced Kangaroo) is the only car in the world build for wheelchair-bound drivers, for whom traditional adaptive vehicles aren’t viable. She discovered the car online years ago and was excited at the prospect of having a vehicle to get around. She wanted to buy one and called up the company only to discover it had not advanced past the prototype phase.

Undeterred, she called back the company and began discussing how much investor money they needed. She decided to help the company get the money and worked to find investors. But she faced several hurdles in finding funding and in testing the model. But Stacy persevered and her tenacity paid off.

Kenguru Community Car

A few years later, she eventually merged her company with Kenguru: Community Cars Inc. and they are now working on manufacturing their first version of the car, which can be used by people who use manual wheelchairs.

They also have plans for another version that will work with motorized wheelchairs as well. These cars will be real life-changers for people with disabilities! Not only that, they are economical too. They plan on selling the cars for around $25,000 and are currently taking reservations on their website.

I really hope their cars are a huge success!

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