20 Beautiful Wildflower ‘Circles That Bring Out A Sense Of Wonder And Calm

These gorgeous flower and natural object arrangements are incredibly beautiful.

The creative works are made by Kathy Klein, who calls her works danmalas – “the giving of flower circles” (in vedic sanskrit dān means “the giver” and mālā “garland of flowers”).

“The danmalas were a natural effortless expression that came forth during my meditation practice,” Kathy explained to Reshareworthy.com. “Their inspiration comes from the stillness, centeredness and love I seek to experience in my life, as well as from my absolute gratitude and devotion to the Divine.”

Kathy makes many of her danmalas in the Arizona desert. She’s made a huge collection, and here are 20 of my favorites.


Kathy Klein

“This danmala is the second danmala I ever made (the first was made from our eggplants),” said Kathy. “At the end of our 2010 growing season, I harvested all the peppers we grew at home and sorted them by color, then I made this giant danmala one morning before the sun came over our canyon walls.”


“Beloved bell peppers.” Cornville, AZ

“This was made from my favorite wildflower, desert marigold, which grows everywhere along roadsides in Arizona,” described Kathy. “And the blue leaves are from native penstemons.  i made this in the red dirt near Bell Rock in Sedona.”


Kathy Klein


“Desert marigold, Penstemon.” Bell Rock, Sedona, AZ

“This danmala is made from orchid and mums that I took with me on a hike in Sedona as the sun was setting over the red rocks.”


Kathy Klein

Kathy Klein

Kathy Klein



Los Angeles, CA


Kathy Klein

“This danmala is made from plants (kangaroo paw, palm flower, kaffir lily that I found on the UCLA campus last summer when my daughter was attending an art institute there,” described Kathy. “I had whole days to collect and make danmalas around the sculpture garden.”


Kathy Klein


“Smoke bush and eucalyptus in Cornville, AZ”


“Maple in Sedona, AZ”


“This danmala was made from morning glory and echeveria placed on a table in my friend Alice’s beautiful backyard gardens in Berkeley, CA, last October.”


Kathy Klein

“This one is made from seeds and flowers I found on the ground at the botanical gardens in Encinitas, CA.”


Kathy Klein


“This danmala was made at my friend Donna’s ranch in North San Juan from her iris and mimosa plants there after the winter cold.”






Some people give flowers to their loved ones, and you can too, by sharing this with your family and friends!

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