K9 Hugs The Ground Next To His Handler Before Wowing Audience With His Next Move

A Belgian Malinois showing off his K9 skills has impressed viewers worldwide. The K9 is with Spain’s official Guardia Civil and attended a dog show where he and his handler demonstrated an arrest scenario where the K9 has to approach a suspicious vehicle.

Crawling on the ground on his stomach, the dog accompanies the officer, who is also crawling on his stomach. The dog matches his partner’s every move. As the pair approach two swat officers with riot shields, the dog moves in between the officer’s arms.

Shots ring out and the K9 suddenly breaks out in front of the officers and charges towards the white van and leaps into the open window.

It’s a maneuver that you know has taken hours of training to execute so perfectly. The audience breaks out in applause and the Instagram video of it has gone viral.

Viewers online are equally impressed.

“Wow, these working dogs are amazing,” wrote one viewer. “My dad was a dog handler in the UK about 30 years ago, and we had GSDs. He loved the Malinois, but they hadn’t started using them yet. Amazing dogs,” said another.

Guardia Civil writes on Instagram that their K9 dogs put in “Hours of training, work and full willingness to lend us a hand in the most complicated jobs for human agents. But they never lose that motivation.”

Guardia Civil is oldest law enforcement agency in Spain and one of two national police forces. They regularly shares photos of their canine officers on their Instagram page.

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