Man Makes Stunning Animal Sculptures From Driftwood And Scrap Metal

I love people who can take materials that many would consider junk and transform them into beautiful works of art. Sculptor Jason Waldron collects driftwood and reclaimed metal to make sculptures that come to life.

He forages for materials around his home in Central Oregon, finding weathered and beaten wood and metal in the wilderness or in junk yards. With the recycled materials he creates animals, such as horses and birds, that are dynamic and exciting to look at. They may be made from old and discarded items, but they spring to life thanks to Waldron’s skill.

For his stunning sculpture of a horse, he used reclaimed pieces of weathered metal and foraged weathered pieces of high desert wood.


Photo credit: YouTube

The wood included pieces of Manzanita, Juniper, Sage, and Pine.


Photo credit: YouTube

While sculpting, he carefully selects and places the pieces of wood to give dimension, color and depth to the work.


Photo credit: YouTube

The final piece measures roughly 5 feet wide by 3 feet 6 inches tall by 18 inches deep.

Waldron’s sculpture of an eagle is equally impressive.


Photo credit: YouTube

Again, he constructed it from foraged, weathered pieces of high desert wood.


Photo credit: YouTube

Here’s the spectacular finished piece!

Check out some more of Waldron’s incredible sculptures in the photos below:

Here’s an elephant.

A duck.

A woman.

A lion.

A free-standing eagle with folded wings…

And an eagle with soaring wings.

It’s obvious that Waldron puts a lot of time and effort into every piece he makes. They are truly fascinating to look at.

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