Irish Dancing 2-Year-Old Brings Cheer To Family Gathering

This Irish 2-year-old brought some much needed cheer to her family on a sombre occasion when she took to the stage and began to Irish dance.

Following her mother’s lead, the toddler steps and claps and shows off her dancing skills as her family encourages her to continue.

The video description says that the toddler is at an Irish wake (funeral), but the jig is upbeat as is the crowd.

People on reddit commented on the video, writing, “Incredible foot work for someone so young and who hasn’t got all the fine motor skills yet! She will be dancing competitions by grade school!! The best when she ran back to hide with her mom? Teacher? As soon as it was done. Back to being shy! Clearly she has a great enjoyment of dance!”

Another wrote, “I did Irish dancing for many years and my dance studio held a class for toddlers that I would sometimes get to see before practice. Imagine this but with like 20 kids instead of 1! Too much cute!”

Watch the young girl’s adorable routine below:

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