Injured Puppy and Hurt Kitten Become Best Friends While Healing at Animal Shelter

An injured puppy and a stray injured kitten have become best friends and are helping each other heal after they met at a Kentucky animal shelter. The two animals arrived separately at the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) after suffering serious injuries.

Quill, a 3-month-old puppy, arrived at KHS after being injured by another dog. “His mouth could not properly close, and it was clear that he was in immense pain,” KHS wrote on their Facebook page in mid-November.

Their veterinary team quickly determined Quill had a broken jaw and a serious infection and he needed emergency jaw surgery. They would need to evaluate the jaw bone a few days later and do a second surgery to remove part of the bone so it could heal properly. The vet team noticed that despite his broken jaw, “his spirit remains unbroken.”

A few weeks later, Fritter arrived. Fritter is a two-month-old kitten who arrived at the shelter as a stray. He had hurt his right eye so badly it was protruding from the socket so the vet team removed it to avoid complications or infection and to alleviate his pain.

But just two days later, the two animals would find something that would lift both their spirits…each other! The pair met and became “fast friends.”

The two were soon snuggling and playing together in the shelter’s ICU.

“While healing with our veterinary services department, Fritter snuggled up to Quill as if they’d known each other in a past life,” KHS wrote in an update. “The two are inseparable, even trying to share food!”

Quill can now he can close his mouth and eat independently again and Fritter is getting back his energy.

“They play all the time,” Jaci Claxton, a veterinary technician at KHS told PEOPLE. “They play until they get tired, and then they nap with each other in a cuddle pile.”

Shelter staff were so touched by the pair’s interactions that they decided to let them continue their healing journey together.

KHS shared, “Their friendship has melted our hearts and we couldn’t bear to separate them while they’re healing. SO, Quill and Fritter are going to a foster home TOGETHER where they can continue to peacefully recover in tandem.”

Kentucky Humane Society does hope that when the two pets are ready for adoption that they will be able to find a home together.

It’s not the first time two pets have connected at the shelter’s hospital. Two dogs – Ethan and Travolta – met under similar circumstances last year.

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