Family Shares Important Message About Dangers Of Sugarless Gum After Nearly Losing Their Dog

While many pet owners are aware of the dangers some foods like chocolate or grapes pose to dogs, not everyone is aware of the other harmful food products that you want to keep your dogs away from. Jeni Hargrove Connor and her family learned this the hard way when they almost lost their one-year-old dog Dancer.

Dancer had rummaged through Jeni’s gym bag and found a container of sugar-free gum, which she managed to open and then eat 25 to 30 sticks. She became dangerously ill shortly after and had to be rushed to the vet. That’s because the gum contains xylitol, the artificial sweetener that is very toxic for dogs.

Fortunately, Dancer survived the poisoning, something her family is grateful for as not every dog is so lucky. Not wanting other families to go through the trauma they did, Jeni made this video featuring Dancer to spread the word of xylitol dangers.

It should be noted xylitol is found in lots of foods from sugar-free candies to toothpastes to even peanut butter!

Help Dancer spread the word to new dog owners to keep xylitol-foods away from their pets.

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