Husky Finds Stray Kittens In Storm Drain and Alerts His Dad

A Husky out for a walk ended up saving two lives after he pulled his owner over to a storm drain. In the video posted by the dog’s dad, the dog sniffs at the grate to alert his dad that something is wrong.

When the man looks into the storm drain he sees two kittens staring back at him! The frightened black cat musters up a growl, protecting his sibling who is hiding behind him.

The man, who lives in La Joyosa, Spain, appears to have a cat so he went home to get the tools he needed to rescue the kittens because in the next clip of the video one of the kittens is out of the storm drain and drinking the water the man has left out for them.

The black kitten is a little slower to emerge and cautiously pops his head out of the grate before deciding he’s too hungry to pass up a free meal.

Thankfully, both kittens are too thirsty and hungry to run away and the man is able to catch them and bring them home.

He captions the video “they need a home” but we have no doubt that he will be able to find them one.

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