Husky Dumped By Family Completely Silent Until One Day…

An abandoned Husky who refused to bark or howl found his voice again thanks to his loving rescuer. Zeus the Husky was found as a stray wandering the streets. When he was picked up and brought to Wags Fund Rescue they discovered a microchip but when Zeus’ owner was contacted they didn’t want him back. That’s when Kim, an animal foster caregiver, stepped in to adopt the young dog.

When she first brought Zeus home, the first thing she noticed was that he didn’t talk at all. He was so quiet and silent, so unlike a husky. Kim was asked by her concerned friends if Zeus found his voice? Has he sung his song yet? But it took Zeus a while to want to sing. Then, one day…he howled.

Since then, Zeus hasn’t stopped singing. Kim learned that huskies usually only talk when they are comfortable with you, so she is very happy to know Zeus is happy with her. She also regularly fosters puppies and they bring out Zeus’ softer side. He’s so protective and loving with them. Although Zeus has scars from his past life, they have fully healed and now he’s always smiling at his mom.

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