Husband Goes Grocery Shopping And Brings Home Giant Block Of Cheese

When Nikki’s husband came home from grocery shopping holding a gigantic block of Parmesan cheese she had so many questions. Like whatever possessed him to buy such a huge chunk of cheese!

In the hilarious TikTok video of their exchange, Nikki’s husband walks into the kitchen with what looks like a half-wheel block of the expensive Italian cheese. He explains that he tried to get a hold of her while at the store but couldn’t reach her so he “made an executive decision” after looking at the price tag.

He immediately tells her “I didn’t do anything wrong” after she questions him as to what they are going to do with so much cheese. “I saw something labeled at a price and I bought it,” he explains.

husband brings home parmesan cheese

TikTok / @deityartistry

That’s because the block of cheese cost $10.44! He thinks the block may be around 20 or so pounds but then they decided to weigh it.

Watch as Nikki’s husband explains made his buying decision and his reaction when he finds out how much he actually bought.

He can’t hide his delight when he discovers the block of cheese is a whopping 44 pounds! We think his purchase decision turned out to be a pretty good deal, and Nikki must agree too because she captioned her video, “That’s my man…and ima stick beside him.”

Other TikTok viewers agree. One viewer wrote, “$10.44 for 44 POUNDS of good parm is INSANE! You can’t buy 44 ounces for that cost. That’s amazing. He made the right call. Freeze some of it and…”

“On average that would cost around $600-700, so he definitely scored LOL,” said another viewer. “That’s impressive!”

“He is so proud. I felt him with that end laugh,” said another. It will definitely be a family story from now one. As one viewer summed it up, “That is one hell of a deal! I’d be bragging about that for the rest of my natural life.”

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