Horse Stomps on Alligator In Dramatic Scuffle In Florida Nature Park

Kystal M. Berry and her friends were visiting Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park on April 12, 2017 to celebrate their recent graduation from nursing school in Ocala when they witnessed a clash of nature.

In the video, the stunned group is watching a group of wild horses when a stallion rears and attacks a predator at their feet – an alligator!

A gasp can be heard from the hikers watching as the stallion chases the alligator away from the herd (which included a mare and her foal). The horse can be seen rearing and kicking at it until it moves away onto the open pathway.

The stallion keeps an wary eye on the alligator and even stomps on the reptile to drive it away. However, neither animal showed signs of stress or harm after the scuffle, according to local reports.

Watch the dramatic encounter in the video below.

In an earlier video shot by one of Berry’s friends, Mary LaValle, the herd of horses can be seen foraging in the park as the alligator approaches (see the second video below).

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