Beauty Of Horses Captured In Photographer’s Stunning Portraits

Wiebke Haas grew up loving horses. The German photographer says she was one of those typical “horse girls” with a passion for horses and dreams of a career that would let her work closely with the majestic animals.

Having a love of photography, she spent 3 years learning to become an official certificated photographer before she took the risk of self-employment.

I’m certainly glad she did, because her horse photographs are absolutely stunning.

“My intention is to make the viewer look at an image over and over again,” she says of her pictures. Something I think you will agree she has accomplished when you look at her photos below.

Mozart by Wiebke Haas

Wiebke always studies up on the horse breeds and riding styles before a photo session so that she is well versed in the horse she will be photographing.

Akhal Teke by Wiebke Haas

She also asks the horse’s owner about the individual horse’s personality and behavior as to better interact with them.

Basilio and Ovetense by Wiebke Haas

She takes her “studio” to the barn, setting up a huge black blanket as a backdrop.

Flexible Giant by Wiebke Haas

by Wiebke Haas

She lets the horses get familiar with the surroundings before photographing them.

Porcelain by Wiebke Haas

Strength by Wiebke Haas

Gentle Yuma by Wiebke Haas

It can take her up to three days to get the picture she has in mind.

by Wiebke Haas

Black Beauty by Wiebke Haas

She also goes outside for photo shoots to capture horses interacting with their natural surroundings.

 by Wiebke Haas

by Wiebke Haas

Still, she enjoys the intimacy of the studio photos, which allow her to capture the grace, majesty and personality of the horses.

by Wiebke Haas

Marble by Wiebke Haas

Whirlwind by Wiebke Haas

by Wiebke Haas

All photographs are published on with permission from Wiebke Haas.

You can see more of Wiebke’s stunning photographs on Facebook, her 500px profile and her website.

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