Sweet Horse Comforts Woman Who Is Going Through A Divorce

Shiner is a four-year-old horse who will give you a sympathetic shoulder to cry on when you need it. His human, Shania, certainly needed some comfort recently and the Chestnut horse was there to help.

In the sweet clip, Shania is crying and Shiner nudges her over for a hug.

Shania wrote, “I was in the process of a divorce and was moving out that day. I always set up my camera when I interact with my horses.”

“I just happened to be hiding from my emotions and my horse Shiner, felt that,” she continued. “He felt my pain and just pulled me into his chest to let me cry it out and reassured me with his nudges.”

It’s a touching moment and one that reinforces how important and special animals are in our lives.  Shania added, “Horses feel our emotions and are great at living in the present so they are able to take our emotions from us and just let go.”

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