Homeless Teen Who Never Had A Family Finds One With His Long-Lost Sister’s Adoptive Parents

At age 18, Logan Hunt was homeless and had nowhere to go. He had a difficult, sad childhood. He was put up for adoption when he was just a toddler, and had a hurtful failed adoption in his childhood after which he spent 10 years bouncing between foster homes. He then aged out of foster-care system and with no family and no home.

He was living in his car and one day he woke up and simply wished for nothing but a family. He decided to track down his biological little sister, Shyann. He knew she had been adopted as a child and when he found her, something amazing happened. Shyann’s adoptive parents took a shine to him and decided to welcome him into their home. They also decided to make it official.

At the age 19, the boy who never gave up achieved his deepest yearning – to belong and to have a family.

Watch the video to listen to Logan tell his own story and witness his adoption day!

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