Home Security Cam Captures Kids’ Wonderful Act Of Kindness

Jamie Carlton was reviewing his home security video when he something that caught him completely off-guard. “If this doesn’t renew or at least refresh your faith in humanity you need help,” the Colorado man wrote on Facebook.

In the video recorded on his home’s smart doorbell system, three young kids approach the door and are startled by the automated recording asking them to leave a message. But one of the kids approaches the door.

“We found your wallet outside of your car and we just thought we would give it back to you,” one of the kids says, speaking into the doorbell’s microphone. “I’m gonna put it over here so no one takes any money.”

Jammie’s wallet contained $700 cash. The three kids then ride off on their bikes.

“These kids are amazing, we would love to find them to reward them and thank them,” Carlton wrote in his post, that has since gone viral. “Their parents should be so proud of them. Any help finding them would be great.”

A few days later he updated everyone as to what happened. He wrote, “The mother of two of the kids has contacted me. Two news stations have also been in contact. I forwarded their information on to the mother so she can contact them if she likes. What a nice lady, such great kids!!!”

Watch the video below and share their good deed with your friends.

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