High School Students Give Single Mother Of 6 A ‘Life Changing Gift’

A single mother with six children has received a “life changing” gift from a group of high school automotive technology students after they gave her a vehicle that had taken them a year to restore.

Last year, Michelle Mendez had been struggling to find a home but thanks to Journey Home she found one. And now thanks to students at Louisa County High School and The Giving Words initiative she has a car.

Giving Words helps single mothers overcome crisis events such as car repairs that might otherwise unduly burden families. The organization was set up by Eddie Brown, a formerly single father. Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, donated $10,200 to Giving Words to help make this gift possible. Casey Hollins, a representative from the company told WVIR, “I can completely relate to the needs of this mother, and it’s a truly touching experience.” Hollins was a single mother herself.

For Mendez the car has lifted a weight off her shoulders. She can now get to work and better take care of her kids. “Having this car enables me to easily transport my children to their various commitments and ensures I can commute to work, allowing me to fulfill essential tasks,” she said.

She added that she is extremely grateful for the surprise gift. She said, “It’s been a real struggle. I sincerely appreciate everything that has made this possible.”

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