Henry Winkler Shares Why He Why He Didn’t Read An Entire Book Until He Was 31 Years Old

As the Fonz on the classic TV comedy “Happy Days,” Henry Winkler played America’s most famous teenager. But a little-known fact about Winkler haunted him throughout his childhood – he was dyslexic and could barely read.

His dyslexia was so bad that his parents thought he was lazy and called him “dumb dog”, his teachers chastised him and he was mocked by other kids. His schoolwork was almost impossible for him.

Winkler did have an excellent memory and turned to acting, and when he landed the role on “Happy Days” his life changed forever. But he still had challenges to face as result of his dyslexia – one of them was riding a motorcycle. The steps to riding the bike were often jumbled in his head.

However, Winkler faced his problems and his life with “tenacity and gratitude” and now 71, he’s co-written a popular series of children’s books featuring a fourth-grader who has trouble reading.

Listen to Winkler open up about his dyslexia and how he has pursued happiness and success in his life.

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