The Farmer’s Dog Unlocks Heartfelt Message For Pet Lovers In Touching Ad

A loving message lies at the heart of a pet food company’s first ever Super Bowl commercial that will premiere at Super Bowl 2023. The Farmer’s Dog ad opens with a young girl whispering to her puppy, “I’ll always take care of you.” As we see the pair age together, and the girl growing into a young woman, her dog is always by her side until one day the woman is a new mother. Lying in bed with her baby and dog, she cradles her now elderly dog’s face and tells the dog, “I’m going to love you forever.”

As the screen fades to black the words “Nothing matters more than more years together” appear. Although the sentiment and concept of the ad is nothing new, it still pulls on the heartstrings. We have to admit we got emotional watching it. But we weren’t the only ones.

The company’s co founder and CEO, Jonathan Regev, later told PEOPLE that they shed tears when making the ad. “We cried a lot! On paper, it’s a simple idea. But it can be so hard to bring simple things to life and to convey the emotion we feel about our dogs. We originally didn’t plan for this to be a Super Bowl commercial, but when we saw the first cut — and when every other dog person we showed it to also cried — we knew we had something special.”

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