The Amazing Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger is a culinary and medicinal ingredient that has been a favorite with healers and cooks for thousands of years! It spices up many cuisines and is also included in many herbal medicines. That’s because the spice has many positive healing properties in addition to adding a kick to food.

Relieves nausea and motion sickness. If you have a stomach problem or nausea from a boat ride, then taking ginger will help alleviate symptoms.

Calms arthritis. Helps relieve inflammation and pain without the side effects of many drugs. Ginger helps “clean” joints and improves your flexibility.

Aids digestion. Ginger will improves digestion and relieves discomfort. It does this by helping neutralize stomach acids and helps break down food in the stomach.

Could help fight cancer. Though there’s a lot more to study around this claim, some studies show that ginger can cause cancer cell death.

Lowers cholesterol. Ginger powder is said to reduce “bad” cholesterol otherwise known as LDP lipoproteins.

Prevents migraines. Ginger is said to help reduce the strength and length of headaches thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Help ease menstrual pain. Ginger has been shown to act much like ibuprofen in reducing cramping pain for women.

Ease cold and flu symptoms. Having ginger during a nasty cold or flu will help alleviate your symptoms.

There are several more positive health benefits outlined in the video below! It’s remarkable all the positive things ginger can do!

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