Handsome Patient Creates A Stir At Veterinarian Clinic

A patient at a vet clinic created quite a stir among the female vet technicians recently and TikTokker @soykabeto just had to share the moment.

The staff can be seen gathering outside the door of a consulting room in excitement. One of the technicians gestures to the person holding the camera to hurry up.

TikTok @soykabeto

The video is captioned in Spanish [translated]: “When there’s a cute boy in the consulting room…”

It’s clear they are all in a tizzy over the handsome patient…can you blame them?

@soykabeto Todo el Staff de @countrywalkvet1 😲❤️ #viral #fyp #dog ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

The cute clip has gone viral with over 9 million views. Now, granted, the fellow doesn’t know he’s a cutie but he sure seems to like the attention. But some viewers on TikTok disagree.

“He knows he’s cute…adorable smiling and all,” commented one viewer.

“He was laughing!!!!! his little ears,” noted another.

TikTok @soykabeto

Alas, Soykabeto’s dog did have to get down to the serious business of being checked over by the vet, which we think was probably way less fun for the dog than being doted over by the vet techs.

@soykabeto LAS CARAS DE ROQUE🤣 Quieren más consejos?? / Ig: @ CountryWalkVet #parati #fyp #viral #dog ♬ Calm Down – Rema

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