Grandma Made Funny Gifts To Ensure Everyone Laughed At Her Funeral

When Gracie Perryman attended her grandmother’s funeral on October 18 in Breckenridge, Texas, she was surprised by the card being handed out.

The handmade card had been made by her grandmother, Gracie Perryman, who died of cancer at age 81. Gracie shared an image of the special card on Twitter. It was a handmade Ouija board with a note that read, “Let’s keep in touch!” and next to it a funny picture of grandma Gracie flipping off the camera.

Gracie’s grandmother’s humor shines through and everyone at the funeral couldn’t help but laugh. “It was hysterical,” Gracie told “And everybody was like, of course, that’s so Jodie of her.”

Jodie had shared what she was planning to do months in advance, telling everyone that they were going to be “gifted their very own ouija board” with her funny note. People seem to have forgotten, but at the funeral everyone opened up the gift and the room was filled with laughter.

Gracie added that her grandmother was a “firecracker” and had an amazing sense of humor. She said, “She loved her family. And she just took care of people around her. She was a great woman.”

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