93-Year-Old Great Grandma Shares How To Make ‘Poorman’s Meal’ From The Great Depression

93-year-old great-grandmother Clara lived through the Great Depression and during those times her family learned to live frugally. In the videos below, Clara recounts her childhood and prepares the meals her family ate.

One of the dishes she loved was a breakfast treat of sugar cookies, which her family ate only on Sundays. As ingredients were hard to come by, the recipe is pretty simple – sugar, eggs, flour and salt. While baking the cookies, Clara also brews herself some coffee in a “Depression Pot.”

Listening to her stories and seeing her cook, you can’t help but be charmed by Clara’s sweet personality. “Times were different in those days,” she says. “But now when I think of it, they were interesting.”

And in this second video she treats her grandson and his friends to a favorite of hers: The Poorman’s Meal.

It’s wonderful that Clara’s family captured these precious memories and recipes in these videos before she passed away. It might be something all of us should do with the senior members of your family.

Please share Clara’s cooking with your friends and family!

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