Gorilla Runs Into Cold Water And Regrets It Instantly

A gorilla looking to enjoy a dip in the water ended up having a very human reaction when he discovered the water was cold.

Every New Year thousands of people plunge into the icy water for a “polar bear swim.” This gorilla unintentionally experienced one and it was caught on video. Itombwe – Congo Wildlife Conservation Africa shared the video which shows the gorilla running into the water but then quickly turning around and making a quick exit.

“Gorillas don’t like cold water either… courage at first – dignified retreat,” Itombwe – Congo Wildlife Conservation captioned the video.

Here’s a version on YouTube.

The gorilla’s body language is so funny because it’s exactly like that of a person trying to preserve his/her pride. The gorilla likely lives in Itombwe Nature Reserve, a protected area in the Itombwe Mountains in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Reserve is home to the critically endangered eastern lowland gorilla.

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