Woman Gets Dangerous Infection After Wearing Glittery Hair Tie On Her Wrist

A simple hair tie around your wrist isn’t something you think would pose a danger to your health, but for one woman in Kentucky it caused a dangerous infection that landed her in ER.


Screenshot via WLKY

Audree Kopp had bought a set of glittery elastic hairbands and like many young women, kept one around her wrist for when she might want to tuck up her hair. Two days after purchasing the ties, she noticed a red bump on her wrist. She went to a doctor who prescribed antibiotics. But when the pain and swelling didn’t go away a day later she went to emergency and discovered her life was in danger.


Doctors found that the glitter tie she wore had rubbed a tiny scratch onto her wrist and she had contracted three types of bacterial infections – strep, staph and poly negative – as a result.

Warning: graphic image below.

She needed emergency surgery to drain the puss and clean out the wound.


“I didn’t believe it at first, I thought that it was a spider bite or something else, not from wearing a hair tie,” She told WLKY.

The doctor who helped Kopp warned Kopp about wearing hair ties on wrists and said that they can cause problems with the skin and infections. Kopp says from now on she will only use the plastic no slip hair ties and doesn’t plan on wearing hair ties on her wrist any longer.

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