Girl Sends One-Of-A-Kind Message To Her Astronaut Dad In Space

Stephanie, a 13-year-old girl from Houston, Texas, says she misses her dad. He’s away from home a lot because of his unusual job – he’s an astronaut and works at the International Space Station where he conducts experiments in space.

When Stephanie was asked about sending him a message on the ground, she points out that the message would have to be as big as a city for him to see it with his camera. But if she could write him a really big message, she would “probably tell him that I love him and miss him.”

Hyundai decided to help Stephanie send that message. 11 Hyundai Genesis vehicles figured out a way to write a note in Stephanie’s handwriting and make it one that Stephanie’s dad could see. Wait until you see what they did – it’s breathtaking!

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