Tiny Retro Camper Has Every Comfort And Function Needed To “Glamp” In Style

Camping is one of my all-time favorite things to do and I love discovering the amazing tiny campers being built these days. The Gidget may look vintage or retro in design, but it’s thoroughly modern and functional.

As you’ll see in the walk through, this tiny camper has a full queen-size bed, multi-purpose compartments and many environmentally-friendly features. It’s got a large gas stove top and a sink with a faucet too! Newer models have a solar panel system, lounge area and entertainment system!

It’s pretty amazing what they managed to pack into such a small space. As the company says, with its many unique features you’ll be ‘glamping’ in style.

Gidgets are made and sold in Australia, but here’s hoping they’ll be exporting them so that travellers everywhere will enjoy them!

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