German Shepherd Seen With Twist Tie Around Snout Rescued Thanks To Dedicated Rescuers

A terrified German Shepherd spent weeks in his rescuer’s bathroom after being saved from terrible circumstances. The dog, now named Beckham, had been spotted wandering in Central Valley, California with a zip tie around his muzzle.

Good Samaritans reached out to Diane with F.A.R.T. (Foster, Adopt, Rescue, Transport) for help. She knew the situation was urgent so she used a drone to locate the dog and reached out to Pinky Paws Search & ResQ for their help.

Thankfully, Beckham was able to get out of the zip tie, but he was still injured. So the rescuers put out multiple cages to catch him and they succeeded! The next step was to try and earn the scared dog’s trust.

Diane let Beckham decompress in her bathroom. It took two weeks of feeding him by hand for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But after that Beckham was introduced to her pack and began to show signs of becoming a dog. Beckham is still learning how to be a dog, but he’s happily been adopted into a family who is helping him every step of the way!

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