German Shepherd Dog On Highway Did Not Want To Leave Her Deceased Friend’s Side

It was a touching scene of loyalty, one that the troopers responding to are not soon to forget. New Jersey State Police received a report of two dogs on a dangerously busy highway. When they arrived, they saw a German Shepherd lying next to a Pit Bull, refusing to budge.

The troopers who responded to the scene shared what happened next.

“Earlier today, troopers from Totowa Station responded to the report of two dogs on the shoulder of Interstate 280 in Newark. Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the area, Interstate 280 is a busy roadway during rush hour, especially in the Newark area. So, the responding troopers were greatly concerned about the safety of these animals.

“When they arrived, they searched the area and discovered a German Shepherd lying next to a Pit Bull. Sadly, the troops discovered that the Pit Bull was deceased. With no owner in sight, they knew they had to get the Shepherd off the highway, but she did not want to leave the other dog’s side. They eventually were able to get her out of harm’s way and into the back of a troop car.”

“Unfortunately, neither dog had a collar or any other identifiers, so the troops decided to take her back to the station. They gave her water and maybe, just maybe, played a quick game of fetch.”

“Exactly how the dogs ended up on the side of the highway remains under investigation. We are deeply saddened by the passing of the other dog, but we’re elated that we were able to rescue the Shepherd.

“A local animal rescue shelter was contacted and took possession of the Shepherd.”

Such a beautiful, faithful Shepherd will no doubt find herself a loving family who will appreciate her.

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