Clever German Shepherd Blocks Her Spying Mom’s Pet Camera With Stuffed Toy

Chino the German Shepherd’s family wanted to keep an eye on her so they set up a pet camera. But it didn’t take long for the clever German Shepherd to notice she was being watched.

Chino’s mom posted the clip to TikTok where it quickly went viral. She captioned the video, “I know you’re watching me ma, remember how you said dogs weren’t allowed where you were going? Yeah well, you’re not allowed to watch me. That’ll teach you. Now [I am going] to go raid the fridge.”

Whether Chino raided the fridge is left for the viewer to decide. But Chino’s mom, @chinothegsd, did reveal that Chino blocked the camera with her favorite teddy bear. So maybe Chino just wanted to bring her stuffy over for mom to look at after hearing her voice?

“I set up a camera to watch her for fun. I was curious to see what she does when we’re out for the day,” Chino’s mom told Newsweek. “I wanted to take a quick peek and this camera allows me to talk to her, so I called her over. I was mid-conversation when she took her favorite bear and blocked the camera!!!!! Imagine my surprise when she did that!!!! I never trained her to do that!”

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c.karp sympathized with Chino’s mom, and didn’t put it past Chino to raid the fridge. The TikTokker wrote: “But for real my [German shepherd] knows how to open our fridge and we have to keep a child lock on it.”

Viewers have their own ideas as to what Chino got up to after blocking her mom’s view. One viewer commented, “And…………. straight on the couch.” Another viewer thought Chino was carrying out her protection duties. “This is awesome! Nobody will spy on this house.”

And one fan pointed out, “If you don’t see, it never happened.”

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