These Awesomely Strange Shoes Wrap Snugly Around Your Feet

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a shoe quite like this before! A Japanese designer has come up with a shoe for the Italian shoe company, Vibram, that snugly wraps around your feet; the “wrap-aroundsole” adapts perfectly to the foot and has a durable soul.


Photo credit: Vibram

The shoe is called “Furoshiki”, which is the word for a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth which is used to carry your belongings and wrap presents. In Japanese culture, the meaning of “wrapping” is to take good care of an object.


Photo credit: Wikipedia

Designer Masaya Hashimoto applied the same principle when designing the shoe.


Photo credit: Vibram

The flexible fabric securely wraps around the foot without the need for any laces.


Photo credit: Vibram

They go on your feet in three simple steps and are good for all sorts of activities.


Photo credit: Vibram

But don’t go running out to the stores looking for them just yet. Vibram is currently selling the Furoshiki shoe only in Japan, but I’m pretty sure they’ll go on sale in other countries before long.

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