Family Figures Out Funny Reason Their Dog Barked At Window All Night Long

It finally made sense. After Alexa the newfie barked at the window all night long, Christina Bingman finally figured out why Alexa had been so on edge. And what Bingman learned made her laugh harder than she had in a long time.

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Alexa had barked all night long. When she first started Bingman went and checked what was the matter.

Bingman told the Dodo that she went outside to check on the family’s chickens and patrolled the yard but couldn’t find anything that would have made Alexa sound the alarm. So she went back to sleep. But Alexa kept on barking, prompting her to shush Alexa throughout the night.

It wasn’t until daylight that Bingman solved the mystery thanks to her child. The bag of cat food mistaken for a big cat peering in the window! No wonder Alexa was freaked out.

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The cat food bag, which was only temporarily stored outside until a new pet-proof container could be found, will be moved.

Some viewers noted how tired Alexa looked. “She so exhausted from protecting you,” wrote one person.

“OMG! That poor dog thought you were being attacked by giant cats! She was trying to save you,” wrote another. Bingman responded jokingly, “She’s prepared her entire life for this very moment.”

Other viewers thought Alexa deserved thanks. “You owe her a huge apology & a pupachino,” wrote one viewer.

Mystery solved. Now Alexa can take a well-deserved nap. And when she is ready she can get back to surprising her family.

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