Shivering, Frightened Pit Bull Trapped On Flooded Car Finally Rescued After 2 Days

A shivering, frightened Pit Bull named Blue captured the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. The dog was stranded on the roof of a car, seemingly abandoned in the Harvey floods.

But the dog’s family has said they were forced to leave Blue, behind when rescuers gave them a few short minutes to evacuate and told them they would go back for him.

Video of Blue on top of a car in their neighborhood went viral after rescuers tried to save him. Blue had managed to swim to higher ground on the car but the car was slowly submerging as the floodwaters rose.

He was cold and scared when four rescue boats tried to save him. But after a day of trying, the untrained handlers gave up. However, two volunteers, Kyle Scott and Roy Ethridge, refused to give up on Blue. They came up with a solution to lure him off the flooded car – a pack of beef jerky. The rescuers talk about their daring rescue that had dog lovers everywhere cheering in the video below.

The news station later interviewed the dog owner, Charles Rogers, who said rescuers gave his family just a few minutes to evacuate their home and was promised by rescuers that they would go back to rescue the dog.

He said everyone at the time everyone was in “survival mode” and the family could only bring along their small dog. Despite assurances that rescuers would get their Pit Bull, he never arrived. Rogers is thankful to the rescue volunteers who saved Blue and hopes to be reunited with Blue soon.

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