Frightened Pit Bull Heals After He Reunites With His Long-Lost Brother

Keiko and Niko were sick and starving puppies when they were being sold as “fighting dogs”. Thankfully, the brother dogs and their littermates were rescued and nursed back to health. Tawny saw photos of the pups when they went up for adoption and so wanted to adopt Keiko and Niko together but because her family already had 3 dogs (the maximum they could have in the town they live in) they could only adopt one. So, Keiko came home with Tawny and Niko went to another family.

After 5 months, Tawny’s oldest dog passed away. One evening shortly after, Tawny was scrolling through her phone when she saw a photo of Niko – he up for adoption! She learned that Niko had been returned to the rescue and that his family wasn’t good to him. Tawny and her husband didn’t hesitate – they immediately went to get Niko and bring him home.

Niko was the opposite in temperament to Keiko. He was very timid, afraid and anxious. He definitely had not been treated right. But the one thing that made him feel secure and confident was his brother Keiko. He lit up the moment he recognized his brother. And Keiko recognized that his brother needed extra comfort and support.

From the first night they were reunited to the present day they do everything as a team. As Tawny says, life is a little bit brighter for the two brothers now that they are back together. And she knows that Nico tells her every day, “Thank you for giving me my brother back.”

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